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Projected Rate Increase

It has been 5 years since Egyptian Electric has undergone a rate change, last being in 2012. Few consumers per mile of line (7.5 average) coupled with wholesale power cost variables and variousSubstation picture terrain throughout our service territory causes EECA’s costs incurred per mile of line to be higher compared to investor owned utilities at 35 average consumers per mile of line. However, there is a balance to maintain to keep your bill as low as possible, and yet maintain a system that will provide you with the electricity you need when you need it, now and into the future. Increasing wholesale power costs is the largest culprit for the 2018 rate increase. Our wholesale energy rate (kwh) from our wholesale power producer and supplier, Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (SIPC), will increase over 6 percent effective Jan. 1, not including any additional power adder charges to us considered. To read more detail, visit the Rate Schedules page.