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For Businesses & Commercial

All members signing up for an account, in the form of a business, must complete the application below.  When submitting an application, you will also be required to provide us with a paper or electronic copy of the Articles of Incorporation for all corporations or limited liability corporations. A copy of any Partnership Agreements is required for either general or limited partnership businesses. If there is a transfer of one business to another, a copy of the Bill of Sale will be required. 

All business memberships upon new connect, or transfer, will be subject to a deposit to be determined at the decision of the Member Services & Engineering departments.  If a deposit is deemed necessary it can be: 1) monetary, 2) by an irrevocable letter of credit, or 3) surety bond provided to Egyptian Electric Cooperative by a/the financial institute in the amount of quoted deposit.  Deposits are based upon an estimated monthly usage in accordance Policy 104 – Membership Security Deposit. A sample of an Irrevocable Letter of Credit is below.