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Donation & Sponsorship Requests

As a multi-county cooperative, our primary goal in managing these requests is to benefit the maximum number of community members across our service territory in a fair and equitable manner.

Selections will be based on available funding, the number of individuals the funds stand to benefit, and whether the initiative aligns with our cooperative’s mission. 

To ensure fairness and the responsible allocation of funding, beginning January 1, 2024, we kindly request that you complete this form, providing details about your organization and the proposed initiative. We look forward to learning more about the positive impact your initiative aims to achieve in southern Illinois!

Donation & Sponsorship Requests

Contact Information

Mailing Address (where funds will be sent if request is approved)
Mailing Address (where funds will be sent if request is approved)

Organization Information

Details of Request

(Donation, Sponsorship, Advertisement)
(Max $500)

Donation requests over $500 should be requested through Operation Round Up.

Maximum file size: 2MB

Additional documents, including flyers, budgets, sponsorship levels, or letters of support may be uploaded here.