Understanding Your Bill

Have you ever wondered what the charges are on your monthly electric billing statement? Here is a quick overview of the different charges on your bill.  Visit our Rate Schedule page for the different Cooperative rates.

Account Number: Is located at the very top right of your bill and is unique to the member. This is needed for almost anything you would inquire about regarding your balance to making a payment.

Amount Due By: If the statement says the due date is the 22nd of the month, you are on Cycle 1  billing. Cycle 2 statements are due on the 28th and Cycle 3 statements are due on the 5th. These cycle numbers are also shown at the bottom of your statement. Bill payments received after the due date, are considered late and will be assessed 5 percent late fee. This amount is reflected in the Gross Amount Due (After), also shown on your statement.

Service Availability Charge: Is a flat monthly fee, not dependent upon how much you use. It covers the electrical infrastructure necessary to make electric service available to you. It also covers such things as the installation and maintenance of substations, wires, lines, transformers and anything needed to maintain the grid and our equipment. Egyptian Electric has an average of 7 members per mile of line, so each account pays the same amount, regardless of the energy used (based on the type of service they receive).

KWH Charge (or Energy Charge): This charge is based on how much electricity is used each month. Two categories of expenses are combined into the energy charge. The cost of wholesale power (cost to make the power and get it to the substation, approximately two-thirds of this charge) and distribution expenses (cost to get it from the substation to your meter). The rates vary by rate classification and are charged on a per kilowatt-hour basis. For example,

  • If you have (1) 50W light bulb in  your home that is on for 5 hours per day,
  • that is 50 W x 5 hours/day = 250 W-hours/day or 2.5 kW-hours/day.
  • If the light was on for exactly 5 hours, for 10 days within your billing cycle, your bill would include 2.5 kW-hours/day x 10 days = 25 kWh (kW-hours)
  • Equating to 25 kwh x $0.103/kwh = $2.58, on a typical residential statement. The 25 would be included in the KWH number, and the $2.58 would be carried over and included within the KWH Charge on your bill.

IL Excise Tax: Egyptian Electric is required to collect the Illinois Utility Revenue Tax which is the  least amount of the following: $0.0032 times the amount of kWh’s used or 5 percent of the total energy charge.

Power Cost Adjustment: This is a per kilowatt-hour charge. In recent years it has been a credit, but can also be a debit, depending on the financial needs of the Cooperative. It is designed to correct over-collection or under-collection of cooperative margins gradually, over a period of time, when the Cooperative expenses are either lower or higher than the anticipated budget. This adjustment allows the Cooperative to share benefits from cost efficiencies, as well as charge additional expenses not covered by the base retail rate.

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