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New Members

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association!  By receiving electric service from the Cooperative, you are a member-owner – a primary difference between a cooperative and an investor-owned utility, where you are just a customer.  This is also the reason we ask you to complete the Membership Application and Agreement for Purchase of Power and return to us.  As a not-for-profit cooperative, Egyptian is owned by the members who receive electric service from the Cooperative.  This gives you the right to attend our Annual Meeting each year, voice your opinion on the operation of the organization, and to select cooperative members to the Board of Directors to represent your interest. 

Here at the Cooperative, if there is excess revenue in relation to expenses at the end of each year (what others call profit), the excess is allocated to each member in relation to the proportion of their contribution of the revenue and is called capital credits.  The Board of Directors is responsible for determining the disposition of capital credits and their decision is based on the financial status and cash position of the cooperative.   Directors must balance the desire to return capital to the membership, against the need and cost of borrowing funds to make distributions and improvements to the electric system.  Egyptian Electric’s Board of Directors have established a policy that allows for discounted early distributions of capital credits to estates upon request.  If you or someone in your family is a beneficiary of the estate of someone eligible to receive a refund, please contact us at 1-800-606-1505 and we will send you the applicable paperwork.

These are important differences! Egyptian Electric is not established to create stock dividends for investors and our Board is not made of people who make a career of being board members.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our member-owners. Our Directors are members like you, receiving electric service from Egyptian Electric and living here within our service territory.

On behalf of our employees and Board of Directors, welcome!  Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately at (800) 606-1505. Below are our cooperative bylaws:

Applying for Service

If you are new to the area and will be locating in Egyptian Electric’s service territory, we try to make getting electricity as easy as possible.  Here’s the process:

  • First verify that we serve the location to which you are requesting by contacting a Customer Service Representative (CSR) – (800) 606-1505.  When you contact us, we will need to know if this is an existing service you are requesting to connect, or a new service, requiring construction of line.  If new service requiring construction, an appointment with one of our Engineer Technicians will need to be made.  Visit our Engineering FAQs page to learn more. Electric service with Egyptian Electric Cooperative can be initiated by phone or in-person. 
  • When you contact us on an existing service connect, we will need to know the address of the location, and possibly one of the following:
    • Meter number
    • Map location number
    • Name of previous owner/account holder
  • Next, the membership application, below, will also need to be completed. 
  • If you choose to complete the application yourself, it can be sent and returned via E-signature electronically or by paper to our office, emailed to, or faxed to 888-554-8181, after you have initiated the service request with our office.  Membership applications can also be completed in our office by a CSR for you to sign (and return).  The information needed is as follows:
    • The correct service location or address that you will be putting in your name. If you will be using a mailing address different than the new service location, please have that available.
    • Your date of birth and social security number as well as your spouse’s, if married.
    • Valid phone and/or cell numbers (for you and your spouse, if married).
    • Roommates names, if applicable.
    • The date you wish service to begin. This should be no sooner than a full business day’s notice and must be Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.
  • If the service can be transferred from one party to another without requiring EECA to send a serviceman into the field, there is no connect fee. If the Cooperative is required to send a serviceman to physically connect a service, there is a $40.00 connect fee required before service will be connected.
  • The security deposit for electric service will be determined based on the credit risk assessment and board policy.  For memberships with joint applicants, the deposit is based on the applicant posing the greatest credit risk.  Our CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) will advise of the deposit requirements and/or connect fees, at time of new service request. 

The deposit amounts are based on the member’s credit rating is as follows:

Maximum Risk……………….$300
Moderate Risk…………………$200
Low/No Risk…………………..$0