Energy Evaluations

Walk-thru Energy Evaluation

Egyptian Electric Cooperative will be offering two options for energy audits.  The first option will be a ‘walkthrough’ energy audit. The walkthrough audit is basically as it sounds; the auditor will walk through the home looking at attic insulation levels, foundation insulation, wall insulation and the heating and cooling system. As there will be no written report, the homeowner will need to be  present and ready to take notes. The auditor will discuss any deficiencies they discover and make verbal recommendations to the homeowner. The cost of a walk-through energy audit is $50.00 and will be added to the member’s next bill.

Diagnostic Energy Audit

The second option is a complete diagnostic audit, what the Cooperative has offered in the past.  With a diagnostic audit, the auditor will inspect the  same things as in a walk-through audit, but will also perform a blower door test, use an infrared camera when temperatures allow (it must be sufficiently cold or warm outside so there is a substantial temperature differential to show up on the camera) and when combustible furnaces or water heaters are present, a Combustible Appliance Zone (CAZ) test to ensure the appliances do not back draft or have too high of carbon monoxide output. The auditor will also check accessible gas lines for leaks. The auditor will take photos of issues identified and provide the homeowner with a detailed audit report with recommendations. The cost of the diagnostic audit is $150.00.  Your Cooperative has two employees that are Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Professionals.  Our goal at Egyptian Electric Cooperative is to provide our members with the expertise they need in making their home more energy efficient, comfortable and healthier while improving building longevity.

Building a New Home

We never seem to forget that the cost of owning a car includes the cost of gasoline. But for some reason many of us forget that the cost of owning a home includes more than a mortgage, insurance and taxes — it also includes the energy bills. Making an energy efficient investment in your new home today will mean you’ll have a comfortable, quiet and economical home for life.

The Illinois Electric Cooperatives are pleased to provide the Illinois Touchstone Energy Home guide to Building the Home of your Dreams. This booklet provides lots of great ideas on how to build an energy efficient home that will provide you and your family with a comfortable, affordable and efficient home for many years.

This is the third version of Building the Home of your Dreams. The cooperatives produced two earlier versions, under the Certified Comfort Home label, before updating the current booklet. This booklet meets the requirements of the 2012 International Energy Efficiency Code (IEEC), which has been adopted in the State of Illinois. The electric cooperatives recommend that any new home meet the most up to date IEEC, which is Illinois law.

If you are planning to build a new house in the future, we advise building to the standards in this booklet. In addition, the concepts and ideas referenced in this booklet generally apply to renovation and remodeling projects as well.  If in doubt about anything, or have questions involving new home construction, please remember to ALWAYS contact the energy efficiency professionals at your electric cooperative. We’ll be glad to help you successfully build the ENERGY EFFICIENT Home of Your Dreams.