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2021 Residential Bill Part (1)

New Bill Design in 2021!

Beginning with our January 2021 billing, Egyptian Electric Cooperative will be using a new bill format. We have not revised our bill print since we moved to current billing software nearly 14 years ago. Over the past several months, our departments have been working to best design these new bills to improve the bill readability to help you better understand charges and energy use. After many practice runs, the result is a new, updated two-sided bill. Our ultimate desire is to provide our member-owners with the most information possible, in the best format available. To understand the new bill, visit Understanding Your Bill webpage.

During this transition, there will be no rate adjustments. We will be redesigning and giving you more detail about the way charges are communicated to you as members. This in turn means the rates/amount due will be the exact same regardless of the visibility of the new bill. Your first bill will include an insert with “How to read your new bill.” As always, should you have any questions, please contact our office. Some of the changes you can expect to see with the new bill:

• Updated the look of bill
• Utilized better graphics to draw attention to important elements and messaging
• Included daily usage bars with temperatures (high and low)
• Added a 2-year monthly usage history, instead of rolling 13 months
• Detailed billing charges; distribution separated from wholesale supply charges
• Better communicated details for interconnected meters
• Included Ways to Pay
• Operation Round Up opt-in capability
• Ability to update member information