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kinkaid reed's creek conservancy district awarded REDLG

KRCCD Awarded REDLG for $268,000

Kinkaid-Reed Creek’s Conservancy District was also presented a zero-percent interest loan on November 9, 2020 thanks to Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association (EECA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant (REDLG) program.
“We are thankful to be able to facilitate these loans to those in our community,” says EECA General Manager Shane Hermetz. “It is important for us to invest in our very own rural communities, and the cooperative is happy to act as the intermediary through the USDA REDLG programs.”
Kinkaid-Reed Creek’s Conservancy District was loaned $268,000 for energy efficiency measures at its Kinkaid Area Water System Plant in Murphysboro.
“By receiving this loan, the Kinkaid Area Water System will be able to make much needed electrical upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant while maintaining current water rates,” says Scott Wilmouth, manager of Kinkaid-Reed’s Creek Conservancy District (KRCCD).
The co-op continues to accept applications from qualified member or non-member taxing entities within its service territory interested in the REDLG program.
USDA Rural Development provides loans and grants to help expand economic opportunities and create jobs in rural areas. The funding for these projects is part of the REDLG program to support rural business. For more information about this program, visit
Mary Warren, business programs director of USDA Rural Development, and Shane Hermetz, EECA general manager, presents a $268,000 loan to Scott Wilmouth, manager of Kinkaid-Reed Creek’s Conservancy District (KRCCD); Steve McGriff, KRCCD board president and Tony Mileur, board secretary.