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Finney Substation Avian Cover Up

Finney Substation & Avian Protection

Finney Substation Avian Cover UpWe had a bird that got into Finney Substation and caused significant damage to two of our regulators and a wide spread outage, the morning of Sunday July 2nd.  The Finney Substation is north of Murphysboro, on Route 127, and just south of our new headquarters facility.  It serves the north side of Murphysboro, Vergennes, Elkville, DeSoto, and members just south of Ava.  During the substation outage, we adjusted our construction work plan and our line crew successfully installed the substation avian protection devices to hopefully avoid this in the future.  So if you ever wonder what these red windmill looking items are above the devices in the substation…they are for avian protection, and in turn outage protection!