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Fields and Wires 2024

EECA Hosts Electrical Safety Event for First Responders and Farmers

We’re thrilled to highlight the success of our recent Fields & Wires Safety Workshop, an educational event centered on electrical safety that attracted a full house of first responders, farmers, and various other professionals who work in close proximity to power lines.

The safety message, led by our Engineering and Operations Manager, Brad Austin, provided crucial reminders and insights for maintaining safety around electricity, especially in the high-pressure scenarios these professionals often encounter.

EECA was honored to have guest speakers to add to the event. Meteorologist Jim Rasor delivered an insightful presentation to help attendees prepare for the Spring season ahead, and former lineman Gerry Kinney shared a deeply moving personal story about the importance of electrical safety in our daily lives. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to Jim Miles from AIEC for joining us and contributing to the event’s success. 

We would like to thank all attendees for their participation and engagement. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and reinforce these crucial practices together!