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EECA Bolt at Walkers Bluff

EECA Powers Up Walker’s Bluff Casino with EV Chargers

Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association (EECA), a chargEV™ affiliate, is excited to announce the installation of 11 ChargePoint Level 2 electric vehicle chargers at the Walkers Bluff Casino Resort! As a significant enhancement to the resort’s amenities, these chargers reaffirm our cooperative’s commitment to community and sustainability.

The newly installed chargers offer a solution for electric vehicle users, accommodating up to 22 vehicles simultaneously. This advancement ensures visitors can explore Southern Illinois with confidence, knowing they have access to reliable charging.

“We are thrilled to be part of this exciting chapter in our region’s development,” said Shane Hermetz, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Egyptian Electric Cooperative. “We want out-of-town visitors to have confidence that they can enjoy their time at the resort without worrying about their vehicle’s range for the journey back home.”

With rates designed for affordability, users can charge at $2/hour for the first four hours and $4/hour for each subsequent hour. A $2 minimum charge is required. To access the charging services, users will need to download the ChargePoint app and follow simple prompts to initiate charging.

This is the largest single-site installation of electric vehicle chargers among the 94 chargEV™ affiliates across the nation. Founded in 2020, chargEV™ is a national electric vehicle (EV) charging brand powered by electric cooperatives to help promote electric vehicle adoption and education. Affiliates also support the installation of EV chargers in their local communities, which help promote tourism and economic development. More information – including chargEV™ affiliate charging stations – can be found at *** or on social media: @ChargePoweredByCoops (Facebook). These and other electric vehicle charging stations can also be found on charging apps, such as PlugShare.

As the Walkers Bluff Casino Resort opens its doors, we eagerly anticipate its success in attracting out-of-town visitors and boosting regional tourism and economic growth.