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Capital Credit Beneficiary Form Preview Photo

Capital Credit Beneficiary Form

To those who are members of the Cooperative and/or to those who actively have communications with those who are,

We have recently adopted a Capital Credit Designation of Beneficiary Form that is now available to all members, active or inactive, to designate a beneficiary (or beneficiaries) to capital credits upon death. This form authorizes us, EECA, to pay upon death the registered ownership of Capital Credits designated by account holders to their sole membership or joint membership (dependent on which type). If you ARE of HAVE been a consumer-member of Egyptian Electric Cooperative – this message is for you to complete and return this form to us. Please let us know of any questions that you may have, and please share with your friends and family who are, or were, members of the Cooperative. To download/view the form and additional capital credit information, visit our Capital Credits page.